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Demystifying Liquid Extract Dosing

Grams, milligrams, THC% …huh? Find some friendly guidance for accurately dosing liquid extracts below. Minimal math required.

There are many ways to consume and reap the benefits of cannabis. In the last few years, liquid extracts have seen an uptick in popularity, beloved for their versatility and higher levels of THC (compared to flower). When it comes to dosing liquid extracts, however, many remain stumped. So, we have outlined a few tips to help you make the most of your extract experience.

How can I figure out how much THC is in a dose?

Math can be tricky, so let’s get right to the gist. First things first, any extract you buy is labeled with the THC percentage on the packaging. This percentage is per the weight of the product, which is often one gram. Because we know that one gram equals 1,000 milligrams, we can easily convert the THC percentage to milligrams by multiplying the THC percentage (converted to a decimal) by 1,000. Your answer is the milligrams of THC within the entire gram of the extract.

From there, you can figure out how much THC is in, say, a 10-milligram dose of the extract by multiplying the milligrams of THC (the math we just did above) by .010. That number is the amount of THC in a 10-milligram dose of the product.

Can you break down a real-world example that I can equate to my own extract?

Alright, let’s put our learnings to practice by considering Aeriz Full Spectrum Hash Oil (FSHO for short). While it’s sold in multiple fan-favorite strains, we will use Jack Herer here. Per the packaging, its THC content is 78.71% for the one-gram twist dispenser. So, we multiply the THC% by 1,000 (again, the number of milligrams in one gram) and deduce that there is a total of 787.1 milligrams of THC within the whole gram. Are you nodding along? Great, now to the dosing…

When you twist the top, riveted portion of the FSHO dispenser clockwise, you’ll see a plunger extend from the tip (much like a retractable pen), revealing a series of measurable black lines. One black line is equal to 55 milligrams (or .055 grams) of extract. To figure out how much THC is in that 55-milligram measurement, multiply the total milligrams of THC (roughly 787) by .055, and you’ll find that there are approximately 43 milligrams of THC per “dose.” So, when you press the plunger back down, you’ll be dispensing 43 milligrams of THC.

For the purposes of this article, we focused on calculating the amount of THC in a dose. Alternately, you can determine the amount of cannabinoids per dose. The total cannabinoid percentage aggregates the amount of THC, CBD, THCA, etc. within the weight of the product. You’ll see this percentage reflected on every package of Aeriz FSHO and can then determine the milligrams of cannabinoids in every dose using the process outlined above. Or, reference this helpful calculator if math makes you woozy: https://aeriz.com/dosage/

So, how much should I consume?

If you are new to extracts, 5-10 milligrams of THC is generally an ideal dose. In the above case, the first black line of Aeriz FSHO extracts 43 milligrams of THC, which could be on the high side for extract beginners. For ultra-precise dosing, consider weighing with a milligram-grade scale. If that is not handy, an extract the size of half a grain to a full grain of rice is a good point of reference.

Starting slow – and treading lightly – is the name of the game. You can always consume more (wait at least an hour before doing so) but you cannot go backwards. Remember, everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different; figuring out how much THC you are consuming in one dose, and evaluating your body’s response, will lead you to that green pasture of bliss.

Why liquid extracts anyway?

Whether you are looking to manage chronic pain, relax, or simply enjoy a different state of mind, liquid cannabis extracts are a convenient, versatile, and discreet method to do so.

Aeriz FSHO is garnering high praise for its one-of-kind versatility, ease of use, and integrity to specific strain characteristics. Made from triple-distilled flower, it’s fully activated so it can be enjoyed in any form – smoked, dabbed, vaped, or ingested via food or beverage. No temperature-gauging or fancy equipment necessary; the high is all in your hands. You can find multiple strains – with varying levels of THC content – at our shop now.

Need more guidance or product recommendations that will be a good fit for you? At Marigold, we talk about cannabis – and the many ways to consume and enjoy it – every day. We revel in passing along our knowledge to curious new-comers, expert connoisseurs, and every patient and enthusiast in-between.