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High Priority: Join Marigold’s Recycling Mission

Wondering what to do with your product packaging? Bring it in! Find out more about Marigold’s recycling program and how you can be rewarded for doing your share.

We’re thrilled to offer an array of amazing cannabis products at Marigold. However, there’s a hidden challenge that comes with the territory – plastic waste. More specifically – small plastics that are not processed by conventional recycling methods, and therefore end up in landfills.

Garret Schwartz set out to solve this dilemma. His company, Resinate, partners with dispensaries throughout Arizona to bring a simple solution to small plastic (and beyond!) waste. We caught up with him to learn more about the process and outline how easy it is to participate at Marigold. Let’s get recycling, friends of Earth and weed!

Breaking it down: small plastics.

Schwartz notes that (depending on the source) only 9-25% of plastics get recycled. While this seems low and a bit discouraging, it’s not that the bins we set outside to recycle are a sham; the system is simply not set up to handle all recyclable pieces. When items go to facilities to be processed, they “intentionally sort out small objects as contamination,” Schwartz explains. “Things like toothbrushes, bottle caps, golf balls, and…anything under two inches in diameter literally falls through the cracks.” Product packaging of all sorts falls into that list, too.

“Anything under two inches in diameter literally falls through the cracks.”

Resinate to the rescue.

Passionate about the environment and an entrepreneur at heart, Schwartz saw an opportunity to expand the system with supplemental facilities that can process smaller recyclable items. Resinate sets up “Energy Pod” stations at participating dispensaries where consumers can drop off their empty plastic, paper, cardboard, and metal packaging. Items are routinely collected, taken to Resinate facilities for sorting and processing, and finally, reused to create new products that are made from 100% recycled materials.

Scan. Recycle. Feel good.

At Marigold, you’ll see an “Energy Pod” station with simple step-by-step instructions for getting items out of your hands and keeping them out of landfills! After scanning a QR code with your phone, you’ll enter some basic information to apply for rewards, snap a photo of the items you’re recycling for verification, place items in the Pod, pat yourself on the back, and leave the rest to Resinate.

Look for our in-store Energy Pod.

What can be recycled at Marigold?

Bring in any plastic, paper, cardboard, or metal packaging. This includes, for example, joint and cartridge tubes, plastic pop tops, metal tins, small paper or cardboard boxes, and so much more. On behalf of Resinate, we ask that all items be empty, lightly cleaned, and dry. You do not need to remove any labels.

Bring these items in to recycle at Marigold.

How do the rewards work?

Your name will be added to the following month’s raffle when you enter information and verify items at the Energy Pod (via the QR code on your phone). Raffle winners are notified at the beginning of each month (limit of one reward per month) and prizes vary. Most recently, recyclers won Resinate’s Twisted Tray – a revolutionary tool that makes it easy to fill bowls, cones, and blunts. Best of all, it’s made from all the recycled items they collect and looks super stylish.

Resinate sorts recycled items by material type and color, resulting in multiple colors of their popular Twisted Tray.

What about glass?

While many cannabis companies are beginning to use glass jars, you’ll have to hold on to those a little longer as Resinate solidifies new systems to accommodate. It’s on their recycling radar and we’ll let you know when you can bring those in!

We’re proud to partner with Resinate in this important environmental endeavor and we hope you’ll recycle your old packaging the next time you stop by to grab something new. Once you opt in at the Energy Pod, you’ll receive regular Impact Updates that showcase Marigold’s recycling stats and what that means in terms of saved energy. It all adds up, so let’s all chip in and enjoy that “just recycled” high together.

Marigold’s October 2022 impact. Let’s aim higher in the new year!