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How much can I buy? and more rec FAQs

With Arizona recreational cannabis in its infancy, there’s still a lot to learn. We answered some of the questions we hear most frequently from our community.

Whether you’re fresh to legal cannabis and you’re thinking about visiting us for that exhilarating first purchase, or you’re a longtime medical patient who just wants to know more about the new world of recreational, you may have some questions. Marigold General Manager Doug MacKenzie took some time to answer a few of the most common ones. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.


How much can I buy?

In Arizona, you are allowed to possess 28 grams (1 ounce) of recreational cannabis at a time. We follow those same guidelines with purchases. So our limit for recreational purchases is 28 grams in a day. You can come back the next day and that allotment resets. Out of those 28 grams, it can be all flower, or all edibles, but you are limited to five grams of concentrate. And that includes shatter, live resin sauces, cartridges and distillate.

What’s the difference between buying recreational cannabis and buying cannabis as a medical patient?

We don’t keep anything exclusive to recreational. We want to make sure our medical patients have access to every single item on our menu. Even if there is a product that was designed more for the recreational market, if a medical patient finds a valued medical use for it, we want to make sure it’s available to them. So no limits on medical- they have all products in store open to them. As for recreational, the only restriction is the state mandate on edibles, which means nothing over 100mg per package can be sold recreationally. Additionally, we do reserve certain strains and brands for medical patients only to ensure that they always can access the medicine they need, but there’s no specific restriction on anything except edibles.

If I am a medical patient and I’ve used up my allotment, can I buy additional products recreationally?

You 100% could, it just would be a recreational purchase, so you’d be signed in under your recreational account and you’d have to pay the recreational state taxes. But yes, you 100% could.

Do you collect information from recreational consumers?

We do require you to make a patient account with us. You are added to our contact list, but we do not share any information with anybody. We don’t give out phone numbers. We don’t put you on a state list. The only way the state has any idea of whether or not you were in here is if you are a medical patient. As a recreational patient, we will ask you for some basic information just in case anything does go awry, so that we’re able to contact you. But no, you do not get put into any government database or anything along those lines. It is just our database, so we can keep sending you love.

What are some tips and tricks for having a smooth experience buying recreational cannabis at Marigold?

I would always suggest checking out our menu while you’re waiting in line or before you come in, just so you can have a general understanding of what we do have in the shop. For patients right now, we do allow order ahead through our website. We are planning on launching that for recreational at the end of May. Of course, if there’s anything that’s not on there or any questions you have, that’s why we have the best cannabis consultants around. They’re on top of it. No matter what education you have on the plant or on any of the products, we’re always going to make sure we get you exactly what you’re looking for.

We hope you found this information helpful, and we can’t wait to see you at the store! If you have more questions for us, please send them to [email protected]. Please send any media inquiries to [email protected]. Thank you!