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Marigold on demand

Marigold has partnered with Supurb to bring your favorite products directly to your door.

Sometimes delivery just hits different. Pizza somehow tastes better when it’s handed to you straight out of a bright red insulated bag. There’s a unique excitement to trying on that new shirt you forgot about ordering at 1AM. And in the past year, delivery services of all types have been more popular (and often essential) than ever before.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Supurb to bring that same delivery magic to Marigold. Just visit Supurb’s Marigold menu to choose from our wide variety of the best cannabis products in Arizona, and later that day, they’ll be brought straight to your front door. We’re always working to bring our community the very best in both medical and recreational cannabis, and we’re proud to now offer this exciting and convenient service, giving you even more ways to connect with the products you love.

Order Marigold delivery today